Everyday Enable

Invest In Access, Invest In Success

Everyday Enable CIC offers practical advice and guidance, disability
awareness training and ongoing support to businesses supporting them to
be as accessible as possible. We listen to the concerns of the business
as well as the general public, to allow us to get a realistic idea of
what the issues are and the impact they are having.

Invest In Access​

By investing in access, you are making your business more accessible to everyone. There are approximately 14.1million people in the UK living with disability, and that is before we think about parents with prams/pushchairs, all people who struggle with accessing services for many reasons. Being accessible doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, sometimes what appear to be the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

Invest In Success

By investing in access, you are automatically investing in the success of your organisation. Whether you measure your success on profit or footfall, accessibility will have a huge impact on your success. We support businesses to be accessible and in turn successful.

Our Services

Awareness Training

Raising awareness of disability, how it can affect people, and the barriers faced by people living with a disability.

Access Audits

Visits to businesses to see what fantastic things you have in place for people living with disability, and to see if there are ways we can help make you even more accessible without breaking the bank!

Practical Advice

We are here if you want some advice or guidance on being more accessible. Remember no question is a silly question!!

Hear About Us

Everyday Enable is a not for profit organisation to support businesses to be the most accessible they can be. We do this by offering a range of services including disability awareness training, site visits, support and guidance on any changes you could make. We also work with businesses to give them the confidence to talk about what they are doing well.


Chris Hailey Norris
Chief Officer - Community House

“Jo combines her skills, knowledge and personality to make each training session informative and fun at the same time. I would encourage everyone to attend one of her training sessions where you are guaranteed to laugh and learn at the same time!”

Nick Atherton
Project Wild C.I.C.

“The Disability Awareness Training delivered by Everyday Enable was incredibly informative, practical and fun! As an organisation that regularly works with individuals living with disabilities, this training was invaluable for helping us to refine our approach. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the course and will be refreshing our training in the future!”

Sam Suttle
The Diana Award
“Jo’s knowledge, experience and skill is fantastic! We felt safe to ask questions with no judgement and it gave our team a voice to explore inclusion and disabilities in our own team. Jo has also mentored within our mentoring sessions and shared her expertise around our young people.”

What ever your question, we would love to hear from you!