Disability Awareness Training

Our disability awareness training typically lasts 3hrs but can be tailored to individual needs. The training is light-hearted and fun with lots of hands-on activities to try. The sessions aim to give a realistic view of what life is like living with a disability and the barriers faced. The sessions cover various topics from the social and legal model of disability, to hate crime, language, and stereotypes. Within the sessions you will get some hands-on experience of some of the difficulties faced and also some stories of things the training team have experienced. The entire team are all living with disabilities or long-term health conditions, enabling them to speak about things from a personal perspective.

Access Audits & Site Visits

When we carry out an access audit, we will visit your workplace, and have a look around all areas of the premises. We do this so we can see everything we need to see in order to support you fully, in making your workplace accessible. We want all buildings to be accessible to everyone, and that includes you, your colleagues, and your customers. We then write you a report on what we have seen on our visit. The report includes all the amazing things you are doing/ have in place already, any suggestions we can make to improve access, and also any actions that are needed.

Practical Advice & Guidance

Maybe you have had an access audit, or maybe you have approached us with a question, either way we will help you get the answers and support you need! We will listen to your needs before exploring what options may be available to you, the last thing we would want is to suggest things that do not meet your needs or just aren’t practical for you and your business. We do not want businesses to spend money unnecessarily, sometimes spending just £15 can make a huge difference!

Why wait until it is too late, get in touch today to find out how we can help you!